Consumer behavior research suggests that suggests that trust is essential to forming an intention to purchase. When trust is high, consumers are more likely to take changes and engage in trade. In the showroom, trust emerges and evolves in a physical space, and between two or more people interacting in person. But in the e-commerce setting, a prospective customer usually does not have any such contact, and so they must rely entirely on the digital experience. Xchange Value enhances this digital experience.

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Designed for Trust

XChange Value is designed for maximum engagement. The interface is modest to avoid overwhelming a customer. The process compliments the design by being equally as straightforward. A customer is asked only a few questions and the application quickly responds with their vehicle’s depreciation.


NADA Guides

The data is backed by NADA’s national appraisal guides. Using this trusted source reasserts the information provided by this tool is impartial and recognized across the nation. Consumers appreciate this added security.


Direct Action Capture

XChange Value requires a customer provide their contact information as part of the process in order to receive their appraisal information to their email. Immediately this information is sent to your dealership’s CRM. Now, your in control to begin the offline shopping experience.